why would you need casting iron

When iron and carbon are mixed and an alloy is made, this is called casting iron. In this alloy the carbon content is more than 2%. Sand casting processes includes casting iron. Casting is in fact is a manufacturing practice in which the liquid is transferred into a mold. It is left there to take the chosen shape.

The reasons to have casting iron in your kitchen:

Does Not Damage Easily:

Many kitchen equipment are made with this material. It does not break easily. So, there is no need to handle it with great care. You can cook in it and wash it easily without any fear of causing damage.

Can Tolerate Heat:

You can cook easily in it. Heat spreads evenly in it. So, it is an ideal material to be used in the kitchen. If it is really hot, you can also use it as grill.

Nonstick Material:

You can apply a thin layer cooking oil and fry anything. It will serve as nonstick material.

Low Priced:

It is not an expensive material but it does not mean that it is not available in good quality. You can buy a good quality product in low price too.

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